Talent Shortage In INFOSEC

I came across an interesting article on Tripwire that discusses some of the challenges people face in stepping into a information security career. The author, Keirsten Bragera, made brilliant points about some of the challenges obtaining entry level roles for career switchers and college students. She makes an interesting point on how a lack of security experience for individuals early in their career might play into manager’s hiring decision.

“ROI plays a huge role in every manager’s decision-making process. Sorry to break the bad news: un-vetted newbies are high risk and low ROI, which makes it difficult to justify hiring.”


I believe that job seekers should be more willing to search outside of their geographical area. Major cities across the country harbor a large portion of information security jobs. Job seekers living in rural areas, or graduating from colleges or university in rural areas should broaden their horizon and consider locations that might be outside of their local area.

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